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College of DuPage Dual Credit Program

College of DuPage’s Dual Credit Program is an opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in a college-level course and, upon successful course completion, earn both college and high school credit. The college courses are taught at the high school during the regular school day by high school teachers who are approved as Dual Credit Instructors by College of DuPage.

Benefits of Dual Credit Courses

Studies have shown that students who take college course while in high school are more likely to go on to higher education and will take less time to graduate than their counterparts who do not. (Hechinger Report, 2013)

Dual Credit Students will

  • Experience reduced college costs with tuition-free courses.
  • Engage in college curriculum and course work, creating a college-going and college-completing culture.
  • Enhance their abilities and skill to do college-level work and gain confidence for college success.
  • Decrease the time to degree completion, often reducing college costs.

Student Eligibility

Juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the College of DuPage Dual Credit Program. Freshmen and sophomores may be registered for a Dual Credit course by submitting a letter of recommendation from the course instructor or high school guidance counselor. All regular prerequisites for a course must be met before a student can be enrolled.

Accreditation Standards

All state and federal laws, Illinois Community College Board regulations, accreditation standards and College of DuPage policies and procedures apply to college-level courses offered by the college through participating high schools. Students are required to meet course prerequisites and other college academic standards.

Contact Information

Office of Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment
Berg Instructional Center (BIC)
(630) 942-2880
Dual Credit Inquiry Form