STEMCON booth activity


Join us for some hands-on STEM as you explore our indoor and outdoor exhibits. This event will be rain or shine, so make sure you dress appropriately and bring your umbrella, just in case! 

Exhibits will take place in the Physical Education Center on the Glen Ellyn campus at College of DuPage. Visit our Map and Directions page.

The following is a list of exhibitors scheduled to have booths at the 2024 STEMCON.

4-H Science Ambassadors, University of Illinois Extension

Discover the basics of forensic science while solving the captivating mystery of "who stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

Addison Public Library

Unlock the secrets of computers and coding with the library. We'll explore coding robots, using codes to write secret messages, and binary code to learn more about how computers work. We will also share information about the many resources your library provides to learn more about STEM, from books and online databases, to STEM kits you can check out and the 3-D printer. 

American Science and Surplus

Explore an extensive array of science equipment, toys and activities at the American Science and Surplus booth. Dive into the world of static electricity firsthand with captivating demonstrations featuring the Van de Graaff generator.

Argonne National Laboratory

The power of water has been used to perform work for generations. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have been helping meet the world’s demand for hydropower for over 35 years. Visit our booth to conduct experiments that focus on harnessing hydropower to complete a variety of tasks.


Dive into a hands-on learning experience that combines fun with practical skills. You’ll discover the fundamentals of electrical components and the art of soldering while crafting your own entertaining electronic device to take home with you.

Building Bridges, Inc.

Explore the hidden science within plants, DNA and food by extracting DNA from a cherry tomato. While all living things possess DNA, not all of it is visible to the naked eye. Dive into the fascinating world of genetics as you witness the cherry tomato's DNA firsthand and take home your own sample in a test tube.

Chicago Area Robotics Group

Bring robotics to life with our interactive marble maze, plus see how tiny vehicles use code and programming to travel independently with our autonomous toy cars.

COD Biology - Medicinal Plants

Explore the fascinating world of medicinal plants and herbs. Learn how to identify common varieties, discover their traditional uses, and understand how they can support your well-being.

COD Biology - Organismal Diversity

Future naturalists explore the diverse animal & protist world in this engaging booth! Discover and observe live, preserved, and model critters (small and large) and compare how similar they are to us humans. Visitors receive a free Foldscope paper microscope (while supplies last) to continue exploring our natural world on your own!

COD Chemistry Bonding Club

Delve into chemistry through an engaging experiment showcasing acid-base neutralization detected through natural dyes and indicators, delve into chromatography using water-soluble markers, witness captivating demonstrations of surface tension and more.

COD Engineering and Technology Club

Explore robotics and see a demonstration of the NASA Lunabotics Robot developed by students in the Engineering and Technology Club.

COD Library

Embark on a thrilling journey of STEM career exploration. Decode clues and guess the mystery STEM profession as you answer questions.

COD Math Club

Join us for fun-filled hands-on activities and demonstrations exploring a variety of mathematical concepts.

COD Nature Areas and Fuel Garden (STEM Biology)

Don’t miss this exciting self-guided scavenger hunt in the Natural Areas on COD’s campus. Use a map to navigate through the site and learn more about our programs at COD.

COD Nursing and Health Sciences

Learn about our nursing and health science programs with a variety of games, including Jenga trivia, Operation game, and Play-Doh activities.

COD Physics Department

Engage in a range of hands-on experiments to learn about electricity, magnetism, light and beyond.

COD Welding

Welding simulators and if practical a live parking lot demonstration

Crosstown Exotics

Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience where you can hold, learn about, and photograph a fascinating array of amphibians, reptiles and insects up close.

DuPage Children's Museum

Embark on an adventure into the natural world and unlock the secrets of amazing animals through interactive experiences. Our educators will guide you through a hands-on journey, allowing you to touch various animal specimens and observe them up close with pocket microscopes. Plus, take home an exciting activity to continue your exploration of these fascinating creatures.

DuPage County Area Project (DuCAP)

Get ready for an immersive STEM experience. Join us for engaging demonstrations designed for middle and high school students who volunteer or work as program assistants.

DuPage Regional Office of Education - STEM Squad

The DuPage Regional Office of Education’s STEM Squad will guide you through a variety of building activities for all ages.

Environmental Education Association of Illinois (EEAI)

Take a closer look at nature with the Environmental Education Association of Illinois. Using magnifiers and viewers, you’ll explore a variety of nature artifacts looking for textures, patterns and colors.

Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois (ESCONI)

Collecting rocks, fossils, shells and other natural objects is a great way for a child to begin developing an interest in a career in science. Visit our booth to add free specimens to your collection, explore shark and ray fossils in a table-top dig and exchange points for natural history specimens at the pop-up shop. Discover more Chicagoland opportunities for nature collection, including where to find the new Illinois State Rock in your neighborhood.


Embark on an unforgettable journey with Fermilab to explore the exclusive MakerSpace roller coaster exhibit and examine the fascinating world of particle physics through interactive activities and demonstrations suitable for all ages.

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

Learn about the vital role of native freshwater mussels as nature's water purifiers and indicators of aquatic ecosystem health. Join the Forest Preserve District's Urban Stream Research Center to explore the science behind our mussel propagation efforts. Dive into the biology and life cycle of mussels, learn about the technology used to count and track lab-raised individuals, and explore the engineering processes behind aquatic housing systems. Engage in hands-on activities such as examining mussel specimens, using microscopes to count baby mussels, and exploring mussel larvae to host fish.

Girl Scouts Greater Chicago Northwest Indiana

Join the Girl Scouts for an engaging activity exploring the basics of rocketry: crafting drinking straw rockets!

Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum at Benedictine University

Immerse yourself in a captivating display of hands-on life science specimens. Explore fascinating facts about plants and animals from around the world while delving into the planet's rich biodiversity.

KIDS Urgent Care

Embark on an immersive healthcare journey. Learn about your health and explore future career options. Dive into hands-on activities like making X-rays and playing "Operation." Discover the day-to-day life of pediatric professionals.

Light of the Soil, LLC

Kids can dive into the world of vermicomposting with interactive bags filled with friendly worms transforming kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil. Engaging coloring book pages teach them about vermicomposting, while everyone uncovers the secrets of making compost tea and witnesses the brewing process firsthand.

Naper Settlement

What is the future of farming? Discover how modern agriculture combines plant knowledge with emerging technologies. You can also learn the basics of binary code and program a plant sensor.

Naperville Astronomical Association

Engage in exciting demonstrations of solar system geometry such as Moon phases and solar/lunar eclipses. You can also take telescopic views of the Sun using both full-spectrum and hydrogen alpha filters (weather permitting).

Nicor Gas

Learn about a variety of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) items and spin the wheel to tackle questions and win exciting prizes.

Purple Me Green The Science Store

Meet our Animal Ambassadors and learn about the difference between natural life forms from microscopic organisms and birds to mammals and reptiles.

Red Oak Nature Center - Fox Valley Park District

Celebrate nature's resilience while you discover a variety of survival skills used by animals to thrive. Participants vote for the animal with the best survival skills.


Unleash your creativity by constructing and customizing your very own awe-inspiring battle robots. Then, prepare for heart-pounding excitement as you engage your crafted creations in epic battles!

Swift Nature Camp

Explore the wonders of the natural world with a captivating array of specimens and displays. Don't miss the crowd favorite, Bubba, a charming Juliana pig, as you delve into an immersive experience that celebrates the beauty and diversity of our planet.

T-Rexplorers, LLC

Immerse yourself in the ancient world as you touch real dinosaur fossils and channel your inner scientist to unlock the identity of each prehistoric relic.

The Chicago Section of STLE

Discover the wonders of friction through this engaging hands-on activity suitable for all ages. Explore the essential role friction plays in our daily lives, from enabling movement to affecting machinery efficiency and even impacting global warming. Become "scientists for a day" as you delve into our inclined plane experiment, investigating how various materials influence friction..

The Morton Arboretum

Get an up close and personal look at trees guided by representatives of the Morton Arboretum.

University of St. Francis

Enjoy magic tricks based on math and science principles and share some of the tricks with your friends and family.