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English Department Chairs

Jillian Grauman, Ph.D.
Chair of Composition

Jason Snart
Chair of Literature, Creative Writing and Film

COD Stories

Jason Snart

"It is not necessarily the ‘B’ student becoming the ‘A’ student. The real breakthrough is when you see a student’s realization that they have gone above and beyond what they thought they were capable of doing.” - Jason Snart

Jason's COD Story

COD Stories

Dannica Hubbard

"Each day is different, each student is different. Students’ stories make up the tapestry of my career at COD." - Danica Hubbard

Danica's COD Story

COD Stories

Tony Bowers

“I am blessed to play a small part in helping students meet their own personal potentials. As their instructor, I take that seriously. I want them to know that they can do anything they set their minds to, and that they are worthy of success.” - Tony Bowers

Tony's COD Story

COD Stories

Trina Sotirakopulos

"My students know more than they know they do. My job is to get them to articulate their knowledge on the page, sounding credible while doing so." - Trina Sotirakopulos

Trina's COD Story

COD Stories

Steven Accardi

"Whether it be a writing assignment or job interview or responding to an act of misogyny or racism, I hope students would be able to read those rhetorical situations, locate the available means of persuasion and respond to them in such a way that their arguments have an effect." - Steven Accardi

Steven's COD Story