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Horticulture Employment Opportunities

Horticulture is a historically stable field regardless of the economy and is rich with diversity. Jobs range from entry level to upper management positions and include part-time, full-time, seasonal, temporary and permanent opportunities. One of the most appealing aspects of the field is that individuals can easily create their own niche to meet personal needs such as time commitments, duties, benefits, location and entrepreneurial goals.

Career Advice and Job Listings

Find help getting a job that puts your horticulture skills to use. 

COD Stories

Ana Solares

"Every day I utilize the knowledge I obtained at COD. COD gave me the tools to assimilate to America and prepared me to make a life for myself. Not everyone who immigrates to America has the fortune of getting the right start, but I’m lucky to say that I did.” - Ana Solares

Ana's COD Story

COD Stories

Kim Oldis

"The elements and principles of design that I was taught at College of DuPage through floral classes were instrumental in my successes. From the floral shop to designing to teaching, COD has been my foundation." - Kim Oldis

Kim's COD Story