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Medical Appeal

In order to apply for a medical appeal, provide your personal statement in the box provided below describing the medical illness/injury and the period when you became medically unable to attend/participate in classes. If you are appealing due to the medical condition of another person (i.e. you are their caregiver), cite the relationship between you and the patient and describe the situation. 

Medical Appeal Guidelines

  • The patient’s healthcare provider must complete Part 2 of the Medical Appeal form. Please print the PDF and deliver to your healthcare provider (email, fax, in person). The healthcare provider may use the box provided for their official office stamp. If a stamp is not available, provide written verification on office letterhead or prescription paper. The medical appeal request is not valid without verification of the healthcare provider or medical institution.
  • Filing a medical appeal does not relieve your current financial obligation to College of DuPage.
  • Scheduled payments remaining in an active payment plan schedule will continue until a final committee decision is made on the appeal. Medical appeals do not absolve balances owed resulting from bookstore charges.
  • The decision process takes approximately 4 weeks. Additional time may be necessary to contact faculty and for instructional, financial aid, or advising issues to be reviewed by the Dean. All documentation received remains confidential. You will be notified of the committee’s decision by mail.
  • If approved, a medical appeal does not guarantee a refund of tuition. If a refund is approved, your account will be credited in accordance with the committee’s decision (50% or 100%) within 30 days. If there is a balance due on your account, the refund amount will be credited to your account balance.
  • Appeals will only be considered for two terms prior to the current term. Students may not submit more than three medical appeals during their attendance at College of DuPage.
  • Only original documents should be submitted. No photocopies will be accepted.

Medical Appeal Exclusions

  • An appeal cannot be considered when an instructor has issued a passing grade. Medical appeals cannot be granted when the grades (A,B,C,D,S,I) have been received. Courses that have received a grade of “F” or “W” will be reviewed.
  • Submitting a Medical Appeal may affect your financial aid. Contact a Financial Assistance Representative for information regarding the impact of your appeal on your financial aid.
  • Veterans and military personnel utilizing educational benefits may receive a fiscal consequence to their aid for pursuing a medical appeal. Contact the Office of Veterans Services for more information.
  • Issues regarding Non-Credit, Youth Academy Programs, Adult seminars and workshops should be addressed to the Office of Continuing Education, SRC 1110, (630) 942-2208.

Appeal processes adhere to College of DuPage Administrative Procedure guidelines, FERPA regulations and HIPAA regulations.

Medical Appeal Questions

Contact the Office of Student Registration Services at (630) 942-2377.

Medical Appeal Form

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After clicking the submit button above, print the healthcare provider form and provide to your physician or healthcare professional. Completed and signed healthcare provider forms should be submitted via email to:

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