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English Language Classes

English Language Studies (ELS) is offering a series of classes  designed to help you move quickly through the levels and improve your English in order to complete your personal and professional goals.  

ELS students will practice reading, writing, listening and speaking in every required class. After Level 5, ELS students will be ready to begin their degree.

Required and Optional ELS Classes
  Required Classes Optional Classes
Level 5
Test Scores
ELS 0501 English Language Fluency 5
ELS 0502 English Language for Argument and Analysis 5
ELS 0503 English for Academic Success 5
English 1101 English Composition 1 for non-native speakers
English 1161 Multicultural Literatures of the US for non-native speakers
ELS 0883 Language and Culture 3
Level 4
Test Scores
ELS 0401 English Language Fluency 4
ELS 0402 English Language for Argument and Analysis 4
ELS 0403 English for Academic Success 4
ELS 0882 Language and Culture 2
Collg 1115 College Success Skills
Collg 1105 Career Development Math
Level 3
Test Scores
ELS 0301 English Language Fluency 3
ELS 0302 English Language for Argument and Analysis 3
ELS 0303 English for Academic Success 3
ELS 0882 Language and Culture 2
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The order that you take the classes is flexible, but it is better if you complete as many of the classes at as you can at each level before moving on to the next level.

If you can't take all the classes at once, ELS recommend that you start with the following classes. If you are short on time or money, please email to discuss the best way to achieve your personal and professional goals.  

English Language Goal

Learn what class you should begin with depending on your English language goal. 

ELS Starting Classes
Language Goal Begin With
Only Study English

English Language Fluency (ELS 0301, 0401, 0501)
Language and Culture (ELS 0882, 0883)

Study English to Begin a Degree or Certificate English Language for Argument and Analysis (ELS 0302, 0402, 0502)
Study English for Your Job English for Academic Success (ELS 0303, 0403, 0503)


ELS Class Comparison

The following chart outlines a comparison of what will be taught in each type of class. The higher the number of course, the harder the class will be. For example, English Language Fluency 5 will be more difficult than English Language Fluency 4.

Class Comparison According to Topic
  Reading Writing Listening Speaking Other
English Language Fluency
3 credits
Fiction & non-fiction novels Reflective journals Movies Class Discussions Grammar
Thematic vocabulary
English Language for Argument & Analysis
3 credits
Newspapers, magazines, websites, academic journals Academic compositions Podcasts 
Academic presentations Using the library 
Academic culture
Self-created vocabulary lists
English for Academic Success
4 credits
Textbooks  Projects for work and college  College lectures  Communicating with your boss or instructor Common words found in academic and professional settings
Language & Culture
2 credits
Varies by teacher  Varies by teacher  Short listenings Conversation Culture
English 1101
3 credits
Varies by teacher Multimodal writing projects Varies by teacher Varies by teacher Credit for a degree
English 1161
3 credits
Literature readings Varies by teacher Varies by teacher Varies by teacher Credit for a degree