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Application for Degree or Certificate 2022/2023 Academic Year

Complete the form to submit your application for a degree or certificate.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete a separate application for each degree and/or certificate. Do not complete this form if you received an email that said an application was submitted. If you are not sure if an application is already on file, send an email to graduation@cod.edu
  2. You must have completed or be enrolled in your remaining classes for the term in which you are applying. Run your degree audit prior to submitting your application to verify your program status. (Exception: Summer applications are accepted prior to summer registration to allow attendance at commencement. Applications for summer will be accepted if there is a reasonable expectation that you will be able to complete all courses in summer.)
  3. If you are planning on attending commencement, your application must be received by March 15 to have your name in the commencement booklet. If you will not be attending commencement, submit your application after you have registered for summer.
  4. If you change your address after you submit this form, you need to email your new address to graduation@cod.edu. Failure to update your address by sending an email will result in a significant delay in receiving your diploma.
  5. Your diploma will be printed with the name listed in the college’s system, but if you have a specific request for name formatting (ex: middle initial vs. middle name spelled out), email graduation@cod.edu once you have submitted your application.  If you have a legal name change after submitting this form, you must provide proof to the Office of Student Records to have your academic record corrected and new name reflected on your diploma.
  6. Please be aware that all official college communications will go through your @dupage.edu account.

You can verify we have received your application by going to myACCESS Academic Profile, My Profile and look under Academic Programs. The Graduation Application Rec’d field should be yes. (Once your credential has been received, this indicator will be removed.) Your application will be reviewed and may be returned/refused if information is incomplete or if it does not appear that you will be done by the term you have indicated.

Diplomas are mailed out six to eight weeks after the end of the term of completion. Late applications result in later processing.

Any questions? Contact the Graduation Department at graduation@cod.edu or (630) 942-2340.

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Application for Degree or Certificate

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Mailing Address for Diploma
If you intend to continue taking classes at COD, please indicate the academic program you will be seeking. If you do not declare a program, you will be considered a non-degree seeking student.
Terms and Conditions

Fall 2023/Spring 2024/Summer 2024 graduates are eligible to participate in 2024 Commencement ceremony on Friday, May 18. Information will be available at cod.edu/commencement.