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InterCultural Student Initiatives

InterCultural Student Initiatives seeks to reflect and meet the educational needs of the residents of our large, multicultural district. InterCultural Student Initiatives also recognize the importance of embracing individual differences and cultures and value the contributions made to the College by people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The goal is to affirm our role as a catalyst for promoting dialogue and tolerance on issues supporting the common good.


We actively promote Inclusive Excellence by:

Building Social Understanding

This encompasses the way in which we see the world. It Includes concepts in government, finance, relationships and popular culture. We explore how these influences affects our ability to live and grow in organized communities and develop as group.

Expanding Cultural Awareness

Taking the time to develop a knowledge based understanding and respect of differences that exists between people from other communities, neighborhoods, towns and countries. This includes differences in attitudes, customs, practices, values and beliefs.

Fostering Unity

The act of coming together in a collaborative effort to promote a system, organization or principal that brings about constructive change and cumulative success.

Intentional Belonging

The reality of knowing that you are respected, valued and accepted with access and equity in whatever environment you live, learn, grow and develop in.

Race, Power and Privilege E-Course

Talking openly and knowledgeably about race is a critical competency that students are expected to develop to be career ready. That is why College of DuPage is offering the SpeakOut and SHIFT-created "Race, Power, & Privilege" e-course. This powerfully-packaged experience helps students tap into their imaginations to grow and thrive in a diverse campus setting. This e-course is available for FREE to current College of DuPage students. Students are invited to enroll in the e-course and participate independently, as a self-selected team, or in small groups.

Learn more about the e-course and how you can get started today.

Contact Information

InterCultural Student Initiatives (ISI)
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1500

David A. Swope Sr.
Manager, Student Diversity Equity and Inclusion
(630) 942-2565 
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday, closed

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