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Student Right-To-Know

The Federal government, under Student Right-to-Know (SRTK) legislation, requires that all colleges and universities report the proportion of students who began their studies full time and who complete programs within 150 percent of the normal time required for completion. For College of DuPage, a community college with two-year programs, that time period is three years for associate degrees and proportionately less for certificates.

In compliance with the Student Right-To-Know and Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, and the Campus Security Act of 1990, College of DuPage makes available its completion, transfer and retention rates and Campus Crime information to all current and prospective students. 

Student Information

In addition, the following provides prospective students, current students and community members with additional information (e.g., Equity in Athletics, Title IX, etc.) about College of DuPage.

Student Complaint Process

It is the goal of College of DuPage that any disagreements be discussed and resolved in a professional manner. When appropriate, attempts should be made to resolve the issue informally with the individual or department directly involved. If an issue or problem still exists, College of DuPage has established a formal student complaint process. All formal complaints must be put in writing using the Student Complaint Form.