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Locker Rental

Locker Key Return Instructions

In order to enter the building, you must wear a mask.

Procedures to return locker key if you do not need to pick up items

  • Drop your key in the outside book drop on the north side of the Student Resource Center (SRC) in a sealed envelope with your name, student ID, email, and phone number written on the envelope.
  • The Library will, once material has been quarantined for a period of time, bring any keys to the Police in the Student Resource Center (SRC).
  • Keys will then be picked up for processing.

Procedures to pick up items in locker and return key

  • Email Lisa Erl at indicating you need to get items out of your locker.
  • Make an appointment with Police Department by calling (630) 942-4000 and then email Lisa Erl the date and time of your appointment.
  • Campus doors will be locked. Therefore, upon arrival at your scheduled time, call Campus Police at (630) 942-4000 and meet them at the doors on the second floor of the south side of the Student Resource Center (SRC). You will then be escorted to your locker.
  • Return to the Police desk in the Student Resource Center (SRC). and drop your key with them.
  • Your key must be in a sealed envelope with your name, student ID, email, phone number, and date returned written on the envelope.
  • You will need to let me know when your key has been dropped, via email, so I know it may be picked up for processing.

It may take longer than usual to receive your key deposit refund. Your patience with this will be appreciated. Email Lisa Erl at with any questions or concerns.

General Locker Information

College of DuPage maintains lockers for use by students for the storage of their learning materials and other items related to their studies. Daily-use coin-operated lockers and long-term rental lockers (semester or academic year) are available for student and employee use. The College reserves the right to manage lockers to preserve the health and safety of all individuals on campus.

The College has established guidelines to ensure responsible use and to control the contents of its lockers. By utilizing the College’s lockers, students and employees acknowledge and agree that locker use is a privilege and subject to immediate termination without notice if such guidelines are not adhered to. At no time will the College relinquish its exclusive control of lockers, which are for the temporary use and convenience of students and employees.

Locker Rental Guidelines

  • Students are to use lockers exclusively to store school-related materials. The College reserves the right to restrict the use of lockers to currently registered students or employees of the institution only, and may request proof of current student registration.
  • College of DuPage will not be responsible for the loss or damage of goods under any conditions; therefore, users shall not store valuable items in lockers.
  • Users will be held responsible for damage to lockers beyond expected wear.
  • The College may, in its sole discretion, carry out or authorize searches/inspections of lockers for any reason, and will discard, or have the College Police Department take into custody, any contents that are discovered to be hazardous or in conflict with these guidelines. The following is a partial listing of instances when the College will exercise an inspection at its discretion without notice:
    • Suspected locker abandonment
    • Suspected contents that may be illegal, illicit or deemed by the College to be harmful, offensive or inappropriate, and/or at the request of, or generally in cooperation with, police authorities
    • Suspected contents that provide risk to the general good of the student, student population, and/or the College
    • Physical damage to, or defacing of, the locker
    • Odors (spoiled/rancid food, garbage, or odorous contents) or other conditions that are deemed a potential health hazard
  • Lockers may not be utilized during Summer Break (between Summer and Fall Semesters) nor during Winter Break (between Fall and Spring Semesters). Lockers will be cleaned during these times and all materials left in lockers will be removed and discarded. Signage will be placed near all banks of lockers to notify of cleaning dates at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the cleaning process.

Contact Information

If you are having difficulty accessing a coin-operated locker, contact:

College of DuPage Police Department
Student Resources Center (SRC), Room 2040, (630) 942-2000

For information regarding long-term locker rentals and/or for questions regarding the locker policies above, contact:

Office of Business Services
(630) 942-2232